Bruce has been a
artist/designer and deeply
involved with the creative
world for 30 over years.
Everything you see on this
site is his own original
design or art concept, or a
faithful replica of long
gone treasures from the
50s and 60s carefully
produced by hand, one
order at a time.
Each work he produces
is custom enginered
using only the finest
materials available
today. There is no mass
production here... simply
quality and pride in hand
made craftsmanship,
and a true passion for an
era long gone. Please
feel free to browse
through the online
modern art gallery and
the entire site of art and
design for todays, and
yesterdays modern living!

The future was now
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visit our
friends online
t    h   e           f    u    t   u    r    e           w    a    s           n    o   w
e  -  m  a  i  l
All products and design content is copyright 2014 Jetsetretro Design.
m o d    s l a t    t a b l e
m o d    s u s h s i     t a b l e
m   o   d   e   r   n       a   r   t       g   a   l   l   e   r   y
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The Art of
Bruce Yager
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